Thursday, October 16, 2008

What have you lost? Water or Fat.

Any starvation diet like Atkins or any other dieting

technique will more or less make you lose water instead of

fat. It has been proved through research that 60% of the

weight loss is due to water. There are more chances of

water weight loss when you see quick weight loss when you

are on starvation diet.

Once you stop dieting you will regain the water weight loss

and your body re-hydrates. Losing excessive amount of water

from the body could be harmful for your health. Therefore

you have to be precautious and very careful, and don't get

excited if you lose weight.

It is always better to refrain from the diets which demands

starvation. A healthy diet plan for weight loss is a more

preferable option. A light exercise combined with healthy

diet plan is usually more effective way to keep oneself


The side effect of starving will be a considerable drop

down in your metabolic rate and the rate of weight loss

will also not be as it was initially. Do not take the diet

which excessively decrease your metabolic rate. The intake

of raw vegetables, fruits along with a lot of water can

help you discover the secret of what actually your body is losing fat or


It was discovered through a German research that consuming

water in large quantity increases the metabolic rate by

30%. Metabolic rate means the rate at which calories are

burned. The more the metabolic rate, the more will be the

weight loss.

Its better to avoid soft and energy drinks and to prefer

more water which can mean fewer calories and better health.

Benefits of drinking more water:

· Facilitates digestion.

· The more water you drink less it holds back.

· Water increases metabolic rate.

· Drink cool water in the especially in the morning for good


Drinking water is good for weight loss. So start with small

step to reach the destination.

If you are taking low calorie food on daily basis then it

gets very difficult for your body to reap required

nutrition from your low calorie diet. The end result of

your diet intake could be harmful to you and it could

deprive you of proper nutrition. And after sometime you

could regain back the weight you lost. Therefore water loss

is no good way to loss weight for your body.